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        The purpose of this page is to give feedback to some of the messages that are posted in my guestbook; I hope you find it interesting. If you would like to add a few words, or give a thought or two, e-mail me.

From: Steve (


Date: Tue Mar 17 16:16:38 1998

Pure source of information

Rather than presenting LDS "doctrine" in your web site, why not provide a link to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints own official web site and allow readers to obtain official Church doctrine from the source.

        Thank you Steve for taking the time to offer the suggestion; I appreciate your input. I thought you had a great idea, so I added a link to all of the Book of Mormon quotes that take you to the chapter that the verse was taken from. Now anyone reading the Book of Mormon verses has the opportunity to get the quote in context of the entire chapter. I also added links to as well as for more information on the Godhead, but unfortunately, I was unable to find many links to LDS doctrine on Personal Exaltation, or Eternal Progression. If you know of any place on the internet where I could add a link to, I would appreciate it. I canít seem to find them to save my life.. But I am very excited about the new changes, and very much appreciate your input.


Jerry Meyer

From: Brian J. Hepworth (


Date: Fri Apr 10 02:43:43 1998


You think that you are doing the world a favor. All you want is for people to leave the LDS church to join some of the many churches of man. It is my prayer that you take time to study these things before you bash them.

Dear Brian,

        I am sorry that you think I am bashing the LDS Church and it's doctrines. I also would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you if you think I am simply trying to deceive others by misrepresenting LDS beliefs. I assure you, those are not my intentions. I believe I can disagree with someone, and voice my opinion in a non-threatening, and logical way. I am trying very hard to make this site as LDS friendly as I can. Please show me where I am bashing the LDS Church so I can make a change to my web page, and fix the problem. The last thing I want anyone to do is leave this sight mad because I didn't present the LDS view fairly, and honestly.

        I also have a prayer. My prayer goes out to all people in every system of belief whether it's LDS, Catholic or even Protestant like my self. I pray that no matter who they are, they would take the time to study all things before they believe them.

From: Linda S. Fiatoa (

Date: Fri Aug 21 00:40:35 1998


I cannot try to refute all your info,although, in my mind, I could, it would be impossible, although a good web site to do that is However, one or two observations. First, in the matter of eternal progression, when the scriptures say things like everlasting to everlasting, etc., it is taking some literary license, and refering to the time line of this world,usually. From our perspective, Jesus, God, etc., were before the world,and will be after the world has ended. But they have a whole new perspective, one that we cannot fathom yet. But I know that I will! Second, in regards to the Godhead/trinity debate, now here in those verses from the Book of Mormon did it say they were one substance, just that they were one. So, if a prophet of God tells me it means one in purpose, as opposed to one in substance, so be it. Even before I joined the LDS church, I did not believe in the trinity theory. Third, you do not sound like you are even TRYING to understand.

Dear Linda,

        Thank you for your honest response to my web page at . Also thank you for the link to the web sight, but I already have a link to that as well as posted on my web page.

        Your perspectives on the words "everlasting", and "eternal" referring to the timeline of this world are very limited, not to mention very misleading. The words Eternal, and Everlasting are beyond time. God himself is outside of the laws of time. A thousand years is like a minute to him. In truth, a minute, and a thousand years affect him in the same way: They don't effect him at all. Now lets analyze the word "everlasting", see if we can agree on a meaning. Ever-lasting, what does "ever" mean? Webster's dictionary says: "1. Always. 2. All the time." The definition for everlasting is: "1. Lasting or enduring through all time: Eternal. 2. Continuing long, or indefinitely." So the words everlasting and eternal are not taken from our perspective of the words, but from the nature of the words themselves. In other words, we don't have to completely understand "eternity" to know what it means. Eternity has no beginning, and no end.

        As far as your comments on the Godhead; the Book of Mormon doesn't say they are one, or three gods one in purpose; the verses say they are one Eternal God. What I don't understand, is how they can they be "one God", and "three Gods" at the same time. Is there more than one God? Amulek says "No." he does not say "yes, there are three, but they are one in purpose." Remember, it doesn't say that they are one, it says they are one God, or one Eternal God. There is no inserting the word "purpose" into the text. Unless Zeezrom was correct, and Amulek a false prophet, I don't see how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can believe both. Alma, and Nephi must have been mistaken, and worshiped a false god. Just like modern Protestant Christians, they too cannot be exalted to the fullness of the glory of God. But if this is true, then the Book of Mormon has false teaching in it. Who do you believe: the Book of Mormon, the prophets, or neither?

        Finally, my apologies if I don't sound like I am trying to understand. I can sincerely say that I have tried to reason, and understand the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, there are too many inconsistencies, and contradictions, for me to in good conscience follow, and lead others to follow the teachings of the Church.

Thank you,


From: Timex Date: Wed Jan 5 21:32:48 2000 Try it for your Self This was a good site. The way you presented the information is commendable. But I do say that you did leave out several major facts about Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon. Without these facts you cannot truly see which side is true or not true. I suggest that if anybody needs to know about the LDS religion, then you should read the Book of Mormon yourself and judge the book in your own opinion, instead of relying on the opinions of other people. Also try the official website, for more information.


Dear Timex,

        Thank you for the time you spent giving your opinion. Everyone's added opinion gives this web page more depth, and variety. As for your comments, I am sure you know that I encourage people to read the Book of Mormon and visit the church's websites. That is why I have those links on my page. I guess a main point in my web page is that the Book of Mormon has little, or nothing to do with church doctrine. Nowhere is "eternal marriage", "personal exaltation", or "eternal progression" talked about in the Book of Mormon. All three are important doctrines in the Mormon faith. So in actuality, no one can form an opinion of the LDS religion by reading the Book of Mormon. Perhaps that is why missionaries leave a copy for investigators to read 3rd Nephi chapter 11. It sounds just like what they were taught in Sunday school. It all seems kind of sneaky to me.


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