WELCOME To Jerry's LDS Info Page

   The purpose of this page is to gather my thoughts and organize my notes regarding LDS Doctrine, and apparent contradictions with the Book of Mormon.  Many mainstream Christians that I have shared this information with are very surprised to learn that the LDS Doctrines actually contradict the book of Mormon, so I have taken some time to organize and post this information on this web page.  I will begin each topic by establishing a basic understanding of the doctrine in question by using quotes from LDS canonized literature as well as other books published by leaders in the church.  I will then compare that information with different passages from the Book of Mormon.  Many of the quotes found below have been taken directly from official church literature that was posted on either www.lds.org, or www.mormon.org.  I have done my due diligence to confirm that I am establishing a fair and accurate portrayal of LDS Doctrine.

   One thing that I have not spent a lot of time doing with this website is finding Bible scriptures that may speak against these doctrines.  There are a few reasons for this.  The first reason for this is that there are a lot of websites that have already done an excellent job of taking a biblical look at these doctrines.  The other main reason that I focus more on LDS literature and the Book of Mormon is that typically Mormons simply do not believe that the Bible is 100% accurate, or trustworthy.  Therefore, if they come across a passage that contradicts their beliefs, they can simply say it is not translated correctly, or it was manipulated somehow in the past.  They cannot say this about the Book of Mormon, or their other scriptures.  These LDS scriptures are more or less considered perfectly translated, by their founder Joseph Smith.  So a passage in the Book of Mormon that contradicts LDS Doctrine will carry much more weight than a biblical passage that says the same thing.

On a personal note, I have done the best that I can to present a non-bias, as well as an objective view of facts on the LDS religion. This page will not be a place to "bad talk" Mormons, because I have a lot of respect for the LDS community.  If you have any further input, comments, or questions please feel free to e-mail me.